Fix It Yourself: A Simple Guide and 5 Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back

home remedies for pulled muscles in back

Fix It Yourself: A Simple Guide and 5 Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back

Fix It Yourself: A Simple Guide and 5 Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back

home remedies for pulled muscles in back

If you’ve ever twisted, bent, or made a sudden, jerky movement that made your back scream out in agony, congratulations, you’ve probably joined the pulled back muscle club! Don’t worry, it’s more common than you might think. Fortunately, with some home remedies, and a pinch of dedication, you can be back on your feet, or more accurately, back in your home gym in no time!

The Basics of a Pulled Back Muscle

strained back muscle remedy

Welcome to Pulled Back Muscles 101, your quick crash course on this all-too-common ailment! So, what’s a pulled back muscle? Well, this cheeky little mishap, scientifically known as a muscle strain, is your body’s less than charming way of telling you that your muscle fibers have overstretched or torn. Now, you may be wondering, “How did this happen?” Oh, the ways are many! Perhaps you were channeling your inner Schwarzenegger during a heavy-duty home workout, or maybe you were simply bending over to pick up a toy off the floor.

Either way, this muscle strain can manifest as a minor annoyance or a debilitating pain. But fear not, my friend! There’s no need to panic or rush off to the ER just yet. With a host of home remedies at your disposal, you can give that pulled muscle a run for its money and reclaim your rightful place as the reigning champion of your home gym.

In advanced I will say that I am not a licensed doctor or physician so if you’re able to get things checked out professionally to be sure that you’re making the right calls, do so. Yes, this is coming from someone who has only been to the doctor 1 time in the last 14 years. And guess what? It was for a pulled muscle in my back… Anywho, onwards!

Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back: Ice, Ice, Baby!

icing pulled muscles

And now for your first line of defense against that uninvited guest, the pulled back muscle: Ice! Yes, you heard it right. As soon as you feel that sharp twinge in your back, it’s time to make a beeline for the freezer. This icy superhero can dramatically reduce inflammation and provide some much-needed numbing to the area. But remember, folks, safety first! Wrap that ice pack up in a cozy towel or cloth before introducing it to your skin. You want to chill your pulled muscles, not invite frostbite to the party.

Caught without an ice pack in your moment of need? No worries! A humble bag of frozen veggies makes an excellent stand-in. The crucial thing to remember is the ice application mantra: 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Like a chilly game of tag, this method ensures you get the maximum benefit without overdoing it. Stay frosty, my friends!

Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back: Heat Things Up

Now that we’ve gotten past the chilling ice phase, let’s crank up the temperature a bit! Usually, after the first 48 hours, once the swelling and impersonations of a puffer fish have reduced, it’s time to bring in some heat. Yes, you heard right, a little bit of heat therapy can do wonders for your pulled back muscle. This is where a blissful warm bath, a hot, steamy shower, or your trusty heating pad come into play.

Think of it as a cozy, warm hug for your aching muscles! The heat magic works by enhancing blood flow and coaxing your muscles into a relaxing lullaby, helping you regain your fitness stride. But remember, folks, we’re aiming for a gentle simmer here, not a rolling boil! The goal is to provide sweet relief to your muscles, not turning them into a well-done steak! So, kick back, soak in that warmth, and let the healing begin. Don’t forget to maintain a delicate balance with the heat, you don’t want to end up dozing off on a heating pad!

Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back: Stretch It Out

what to do for pulled back muscle

Alright, folks! Let’s talk about a magic potion that doesn’t come in a bottle – stretching! Yes, you heard me right! This superstar can do wonders for your pulled back muscle. Imagine a soft, calming tune playing in the background as your muscles sway to the rhythm, that’s what a good stretch feels like. Gentle stretches help loosen those tight knots, increase flexibility, and expedite your recovery journey.

But remember, we’re aiming for a melodious symphony here, not a heavy metal rock concert! Be gentle and listen to your body’s whispers. If it says, “No more!” or “Ouch, that’s too far!” you need to respect that.

Give classics like the cat-camel stretch or the child’s pose a whirl. They’re straightforward, gentle, and oh-so-effective. Picture yourself as a graceful cat arching its back, or a peaceful child kneeling in repose. These are your goals.

Always remember the golden rule of stretching: it’s not a competition! No one’s going to hand you a gold medal for touching your toes. It’s about comfort and healing, so stick within your comfortable range of motion. The tortoise did beat the hare, after all!

Just think of each stretch as a little love note to your muscles, helping them recover and get back to their fantastic selves. Remember to keep breathing deeply, too – oxygen is a good friend in these stretching scenarios! So get stretching, my friends, and let’s turn that pulled back muscle into a distant memory. Onwards and upwards, or should we say, stretchwards! Nerdfitness also has an article on warming up which may help prevent the issue from occurring next time: 15 Warm-Up Exercises (to Prevent Injury) | Nerd Fitness

Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back: Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers

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Okay, let’s pivot to an ally that can be found in your bathroom cabinet: over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers. No, I’m not talking about your minty fresh toothpaste, I’m referring to the likes of ibuprofen or acetaminophen. They’re not just for headaches or fever, these OTC champions can also swoop in to combat that nagging pain and inflammation brought on by your pulled back muscle.

But remember, it’s essential to maintain the whole ‘safety first’ attitude here, too! Always stick to the dosage instructions on the package like a bee to honey. Think of these little guys as temporary pain relief squad, not a permanent solution. If your back is still belting out a pain opera after a few days of rest and these remedies, it’s a signal that your body might need a bit more professional help. So don’t play doctor; if the pain keeps up, make sure you consult a real one!

Think of these OTC pain relievers as an extra line of defense, helping you conquer the pain and continue your recovery journey. So don’t shy away from them when the going gets tough, they’re here to help! But remember, they’re just one part of your pulled muscle recovery toolkit. The rest – your icy friend, heat therapy, stretching, and rest – is up to you. So, stay strong, follow your recovery plan, and you’ll be waving goodbye to that pulled back muscle in no time!

Home Remedies for Pulled Muscles in Back: Rest, My Friend

stretching back muscle pain

Alright folks, let’s talk about the underrated superhero of pulled muscle recovery: good ol’ rest! It’s easy to overlook, especially when you’re chomping at the bit to get back to your home workout routine, but trust me, taking a breather is integral to your recovery. Just as your favorite superhero needs their sleep to recharge for the next day of saving the world, your body needs downtime to repair and rejuvenate those battered muscle fibers. So kick back, let the Netflix bingeing commence or immerse yourself in that novel you’ve been meaning to finish. It’s not laziness, it’s part of your recovery mission!

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your pulled back muscle won’t heal overnight either. Rushing back to your home gym might do more harm than good. Patience, my friend, is the name of the game. Like fine wine, healing takes time, and you don’t want to pour a glass before it’s ready. Going full-throttle too soon could land you back at square one, or worse, on the doorsteps of your doctor’s office. And we all know, no one likes that unexpected hospital gown fashion show!

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